Advertise with Us is the premiere and One of the  most visited online platform that delivers spankin' new Nigerian hip-hop/contemporary music, videos and music content , Celeb Gist , Entertainment Gossip daily to Nigerians by exposing remarkable artists and their materials from the fast growing Nigerian Music industry to Nigerians around the world.

EmekaMacdonald.Com offers a wide range of effective online publicity for Nigerian  and African Businesses, Organizations, Societies, and a broad spectrum of other variants related to Events, Arts and Culture.  We are certified as the one of the Leading online establishment dedicated solely to the Entertainment sector, and are now seeking to reach new heights of success and achievements.
As the biggest and fastest growing Nigeria entertainment focused media property, The website generate over 10,000  page views each month. We provide daily updated content and have developed a strong reputation.
We have also garnered a prestigious reputation with several of the Various Online Media media outlets; we have been mentioned by several major Popular Entertainment Websites, Stations in Entertainment segments, radio stations and numerous other renowned news outlets.
Constantly raising the bar since it’s inception over a year ago,  serves as the ideal medium to reach your consumer, which is why we’re relied on by the food and beverage, automotive, electronics, and music industries for their advertising needs.
Full Stats 
  • Over 25,000  thousand Visitors per month
  • Over 1/2 million pageviews /average in the last 3 months
  • Visitors from Over 50   countries
  • High level of Visits from US ,UK and Nigeria
  • Avearge time of 8 mins 50 secs per visit
Our Audience
* Generate more than 10,000 page-views for the site a month!
* Are mostly aged between 18-34
* Comprise an almost equal % of male and females (48% male / 52% female)
* Have ‘some / substantial’ College / University education (69%)
* Are keen consumers of music, movies, entertainment products, fashion, new technology, health and beauty products.

Outlined below are our basic advertising opportunities: 

728 x 90 – (Leaderboard)
300 x 250 – (Medium Rectangle)
160 x 600 – (widescraper)
300 x 300 (large Rectangle)
1280 x 1024 – (Single Image Wallpaper)
 Custom Integrations :
  • Full Site takeover which includes all Post , All Advert banners and Background .
  • Artist Full length Promotion .  (Post , All Advert banners and Background ) + Hype on Twitter and Facebook.

Other Spots/Ad Sizes

125×125=100 USD Per Month (On Right Side Of Articles)
Written Interview/Article
US$ 150
Tweets (Over 5,500 Followers)
US$ 15 Per Tweet
Banner Adverts (300×250)
1 month
Homepage 400 USD or US$300 for any other page

2 months
Homepage 700 USD or US$500 for any other page
3 months
Homepage 1000 USD or US$700 for any other page
Banner Adverts (125×125)
Homepage 130 USD or 100 USD for any other pages
Big Banner/Banner Blast On Front Page: 600 USD a month (Size: 1000 x 250) 
Accepted Deposits
Bank Deposit/Bank Transfer , Paypal ,Western Union/MoneyGram
For Enquiries: or call 08105762063

How we can help your brand grow
Over the years Internet marketing has evolved, from new consumer engagement possibilities to conversion tracking and reporting. The digital landscape remains dynamic. Internet marketing is a lot more than great websites and banner ads, it involves a well planned out engagement strategy using the right medium, targeting, creative and technology.
It involves the use of search, displays ads, social media and more. In a world were consumers are spending less time watching TV and reading newspaper but spending more time on their phones and the internet there's a need to realign our marketing strategies.

Why advertise on

We have experts who are responsible to clients and they don’t refer to clients as accounts. At, we see our clients as businesspeople that trust us and whose interests we serve.
Trying to navigate through the best advertising options for your business can be confusing. Our full-suite of products will simplify the advertising process and provide your business the opportunity to increase leads and reach potential customers.

Targeted Medium

  • Internet serves every conceivable audience, making it easier for advertisers to find a receptive market for their products and services.
  • Reach a wider audience and broad targeting opportunities.
  • Variety of services from standard banners to special projects
  • Flexible terms and controllability of your ad campaign according to your needs
  • Detailed post campaign report.


It doesn’t cost much to increase the reach of an online ad campaign. Expanding the size of the ad campaign can be as easy as buying a text ad or banner space on our portal.

Tracking & Measurement

Teasers can be added to the site to get our audience asking questions. This is particularly useful for adverts that are introducing new products, services or brands to our vast users.
On the Internet, advertisers can find out the details about who saw their ads, when, in what context, how many times and so on. Better yet, advertisers receive this information instantly, allowing them to adjust their ad campaign to make it even more effective. This level of unprecedented tracking is not available on any of the traditional ad media.

Ability to extend transaction

On the Internet, an ad is only a beginning of the sales process. Interested prospects can click on an ad and visit the advertiser’s website. Once there, they can access information about the company’s products, make a decision about their purchase, and contact the supplier through an online inquiry form.

Cost effective

Internet advertising is very cheap, highly effective compare to other types of marketing

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