Thursday, 22 May 2014

Nigerian Celebrity Anabella Says She is still a Virgin But Can take on a Lesbian role.

Nigerian Celebrity Anabella Says She is still a Virgin But Can take on a Lesbian role.
See Excerpts from Her Interview;
What is the most difficult role you have played in a movie?
I don’t think there is any difficult role I have played.
There must be a role or better still a script that was so difficult for you to interpret?
I like my role in Samantha, it is not just because it’s a lead role for I have done three lead roles in movies that would soon hit the market. But it is about uniqueness.
Are you married?

Have you been sexually abused?
Have you been sexually harrassed by any producer?
Of course, sometimes it happens (laughs). A role that is supposed to be yours is taken from you because of one or two requests that you can’t meet. So, sexual harrassment is not only in the movie industry. It is everywhere.
Can you act nude?
It depends on what I am going nude for and what part of my body I am going to expose. But I want to say that acting is not necessarily about going nude to prove a point. There are several ways that one can actually prove a point. Any role given to me as long as it is about going naked, I won`t do it.

If you’re given a script to act a lesbian, can you do it?
(Laughs) As an actress, I have to be all round. I have to be flexible. So, every script given to an actress must be interpreted to bring a true reflection of the character to the audience. I am not a lesbian in a real sense. I am not. But the character one plays in a movie doesn’t relate to the person’s real life.

Did you have sex during the relationship?

I am still a virgin. I lost my guy to the cold hands of death but recently I found someone else and we are getting married soon.
How were you able to overcome sexual urge while in the university?
(Laughs) Listen, my dad taught us good morals. My father is an army officer, so I fear him a lot. In fact, I respect him a lot. He is not everywhere but he keeps his eyes on us. Even when I went abroad, he was not there but I didn’t misbehave. While I was in the hostel he was not there with me but the good morals he taught us have kept me till date.

As a virgin, how were you able to cope with temptations here and there?
Actually, that side of me is dead until I get married. Aside avoiding pre-marital sex, I am also a born again Christian and I fear God a lot. I can remember while we were growing up we had that lesson about sexually transmitted diseases and the fear of all those things really kept me away from sex. So, if I must have a relationship we must enter into agreement of no sex. It has to be a smooth relationship but if you feel you can’t wait and you’re so much in a hurry or your body is inching you, then propose. I have all those things in mind but thank God I have found someone who proposed. So, as a married woman, I’ll be free to do it and know I am not committing any sin.

Is it true that you are related to former Vice President Atiku Abubakar?
He is my uncle; he is a very nice man and a father. He is always there for people. I remember when we were little kids, he and my dad had these nicknames they used to call each other. All that the people portray him to be is not true. He is a nice person, he is caring, he is ever willing to support and help people. He is a nice father, and a nice uncle that everyone wishes to have.

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