Thursday, 12 December 2013

What Do you Think about about Linda Ikeji N1.5M Give away.

What Do you Think about about Linda Ikeji N1.5M Give away.
Why i must say that what Celebrity Blogger Linda ikeji is doing is a Step in the Right Direction and also a Doom for other Bloggers i also have a basic Reservation  about her Move , but first See reasons why what she doing is Good and a worthy Cause ;

According to her ; 

I'm giving 10 LIB readers N100,000 each this weekend, that still stands, but I've decided to throw in an additional N500,000 so more people can benefit from this. I read your comments and I received quite a number of emails and twitter messages from people who shared their struggles with me. Some of them brought tears to my eyes. Some people were not even asking for N100k, they wanted as little as N10k or N20k. At first I was like, what's N20k going to do for anyone? Then I thought to myself, this time three years ago, I would have also appreciated getting N20k.

So I've decided to give N20,000 to 25 LIB readers, that's how the additional N500k will be shared.

To get the N100k here's what we are going to. Tell me what you think is the top 5 most commented posts on LIB since I started the blog. I will pick the first nine correct answers. If I pick you, someone will call you and you will meet me for lunch this weekend where I will hand over the cheques. If you don't live in Lagos, the money will be sent to your account.

To get the N20k, you have to be a student. Just tell me what N20k can help you solve this Christmas. If I pick you someone will call you and ask for your account details.

And for those saying why not give the money to charity instead of your readers, well, I sponsor a charity organization and I give to them regularly, so I've got that covered.

Major Reservation; Good intentions but one will wonder why Linda published all the Comments of people who placed Request for the Funds she wanted to give out .

Yes N1.5M is a Huge amount of Money but she should not have Published the Comments See some of People's Comment and why they need the Money ;

I basically, mostly need the money for my education, i have lost on a few admissions because of my inability to pay fee's. My parents are with so many kids that sometimes it just feels like i dont exist. My friends are all in school and talking medically i also have terrible health issues but going to the hospital is not even a possiblility untill it gets critical. I have an abdorminal issue,it is critical with constant swelling. Getting registered in school is solely my ambission right now. Thank you so much. Email:

Here are my list of the first five most commented post.1-about the 1million naira give away. This is the only one I can remember....pls aunty linda help me with this money naa. 07061840006.

 First to comment, what abt corpers like me who are trying to start up deir life n deir own petty business since derre is unemployment in d country.

 I'm in my final year buh dou I doubt if I wud graduate due to d fact dat I hv not paid my 2yrs skul fees, If I get d moni @list it wud hep get sum text books dat I wud nid which we hep me out in my final exams. till God hep me to pay my skul fees.( Here's my numba 07084635712)tnx

 My name is Felix Ndukwe, student of Uniben, studying mass com. N20,000 will go along way to help me to secure a space on campus where I can setup AA small business just so I don't go broke in this final number is 08039731400
 Good Move but You should not Have Published the Comments of People and their Numbers to Protect their Identity. # ok i am out.

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