Sunday, 15 December 2013

jada Smith Mght Divorce Will Smith pretty Soon.

This is so not Right He’s been caught with a hot young blonde, she’s been seen without her wedding ring – and now friends fear this will be Will and Jada’s last Christmas together!
“Will and Jada are trying to put on a good front in public, but behind the scenes, they’re having major troubles,” said a source close to the couple, whose 16th wedding anniversary is Dec. 31.
“If this marriage lasts beyond the holidays, it will be a miracle.”
But the source says Will is desperate to avoid a divorce. “Will has more to lose since he was the major breadwinner and they’d likely have to split things in half,” explained the source.
Will has also previously stated that “divorce just can’t be an option.” Meanwhile Jada just doesn’t feel that she has as much reason to stay married.
“She’s telling friends that she’s thinking of filing for divorce and having a Happy New Year – without Will!”

Culled From National Enquirer .

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