Sunday, 15 December 2013

Everything I Do must spell Class - - Pastor Tom Samson .

Everything I Do must spell Class - - Pastor Tom Samson .
Hehe This Pastor Na Swaggo PASTOR O Here is what he told Bosede Olusola Obasa in a recent interview.
People say that you are a flamboyant pastor, how would you react to that?
It is because of where I am coming from.
In fact, your neck chain has been described as expensive, just like those worn by Nollywood stars…
It is because they don’t know where I am coming from. I am here to make a statement, including the way I build my buildings. Look at this facility, the one in Ikeja, you also need to come to Royal City. The crown on the building alone costs a lot. Even the school I build must spell class, the hospital and so on, the cars I drive, the clothes I wear – they are all a reflection of what God can do. I will never do anything inferior for God. Who says that being flamboyant is satanic? Satan has nothing. The Bible says, “I give you power to get wealth.” Even if I look expensive, it is more of what I give out than what I wear or have. Between last year and now, I have given out about 20 cars to those who needed them – especially missionaries. Where I live, the people didn’t have electricity supply for four years. I had to intervene with transformer and accessories. I depict and reflect God. My message is that God can lift anyone. I tell the whites that being a Nigerian doesn’t mean one has to beg. In Florida, a man of God wanted to know what needs we had in our church and I said I would rather ask him that question and I gave him $2,000. God’s word says it is more blessed to give than to receive. I finance all my churches abroad.
So, you have no apologies for being so flamboyant?
No, I don’t.

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