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Anybody That Can Say Ojukwu Did not Marry Me Has Selective Amnesia.

Anybody That Can Say Ojukwu Did not Marry Me Has Selective Amnesia.
Accrding to DDB Late Ojukwu’s widow Bianca Onoh is currently having a legal battle with some of her in-laws over the properties the Bianfran warlord left behind. Recently the family in  a 19-paragraph petition filed at  the Lagos High Court, demanded proof from Bianca that her two sons, Afamefuna and Nwachukwu are biological sons of Odimegwu- Ojukwu. Bianca in a new interview says the claim by  some members of her late husband’s family that he did not actually marry her is laughable…

I think that is laughable because my marriage first and foremost, which took place at Our Lady’s Queen of Nigeria Catholic Church in Abuja, was a celebrated ceremony with ‘who is who in Nigeria’ in attendance. The reception was at the Hilton. In fact, it had a glittering galaxy of Nigerians, most of them are still alive today.

Then prior to that, I had the registry wedding which took place at the marriage registry in Kaduna in 1994, the same year of the white wedding. And a small ceremony to mark the registry wedding took place at Apo Legislative Quarters. At the same time, and, of course, with the church ceremony, Cardinal Onaiyekan was present and is still alive now as Archbishop. And there was a third ceremony being the traditional wine-carrying, ‘Igbankwu’ ceremony which had all the five governors of the South-East in attendance. It was a huge cultural event with titled chiefs, traditional rulers from all over Igbo land, all the dignitaries from Igbo land, from outside, from all over Nigeria as a matter of fact and beyond; all of them were there at Ngwo. The traditional ceremony took place precisely on the 16th day of April, it was on an Easter Monday. 

So, for anybody, and what is interesting about this ridiculous assertion is that those that are making the assertion or asking me to bring proof of my marriage with their brother were present at the wedding in Abuja, and present at the wine-carrying at Ngwo, and even dressed in the uniform depicting their family outing. All the pictures are there to prove it, the video is there to prove it, you can look at the pictures yourself. Look at this picture, you can see Senator Pius Anyim, you can see Governor Rochas Okorocha, all of them came to Ngwo. So, for people to wake up and start suffering from selective amnesia just because there are cases in court where property and who gets what is concerned is ridiculous. The fact remains that I was married to their brother at the registry, at the church and traditionally in my father’s compound. I remain the only woman that Ikemba married or went through these three forms of marriages with, I’m the only one, and it is on record. Therefore, for them to wake up and decide that what happened never happened, I  believe it is really unfortunate for them because there is no iota of truth in that assertion and it does not depict them in favorable light because they were there.

She opened up on why she married her late husband despite the age difference…

Well, when he came to marry me; for me, I did not really give that a thought, the age difference was not a serious problem for me because we seemed to get along very well. We had a lot in common, and our conversations were flowing very well. More than anything, I was looking for a man who was good natured and had good social attributes.

Ezeigbo was an embodiment of all I wanted in a man and his humane nature was second to none. So, he was all I needed and I fell for it.
For instance, if I needed to go out, he would always say, well, be careful, you could go. He gave me every attention and love a good husband could give to a lovely wife; so, these are my treasures and if I had to do it all over again, I would still search for him and marry him 100 per cent. I really would not need to explain it twice.

On whether she will re-marry, Bianca was quick to respond…

I think the first priority of every widow remains the well-being, the welfare of her children. At this moment, my own priority is not different. I have young children that need my care and need my presence, and at this moment, in addition to my work, they are my focal point. When you have lost somebody that meant the world to you, as a widow, you know really that you’ve been blessed and you are not searching for a replacement because what really matters is securing your home-front, ensuring that your children are well taken care of, they get the education that they need. And it is for that reason that marriage, another marriage is not anything that you are considering because you are trying to consolidate really the gains of your marriage, your children and to make sure that you raise them up in such a way that you will be proud of and that you know that your husband wherever he happens to be, will be proud of and that is a tall order. So, that does not really give room for me to think of perhaps another matrimonial arrangement.

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