Monday, 4 November 2013

Nadia and Jim Iyke May not be having rosy Relationship afterall.

Nadia and Jim Iyke May not be Getting Married  afterall.
Nadia and Jim Iyke May not be Getting Married  afterall.
Please o i have Noticed one Thing Nadia Has Deleted all Jim Iyke 's Pictures from all her Instagram and Twitter Pages Anything going on between these two? Are they off again? or are they Just In the Battle Field Called Love .

While some Sources are Speculating that Nadia Recent Behaviour may not be unrelated to Jim Iyke Baby Father Scandal where Mr Alofinaka Lagos Business and Trending Millionaire's Daughter Miss Nancy Alofinaka Plays a Major Role in the Script  The Story has it that ;

Jim Iyke got her pregnant. The girl identified as Nancy Alofinaka is said to be the daughter of a lagos based millionairebusinessman. Nancy also accused Jim Iyke of collecting N2 million from her to renovate his house in Lagos.


Call me an Amebor but i also Heard that  Jim Iyke is  vehemently denying recent rumours that the two of them(himself and Nadia ) are planning to get married,which is also a Strong relation  to the Fact that Nadia has deleted all his photos from her instagram page.

She (Nadia ) was Quoted Saying ; 

 Yes but i thought she Has Found Love in Jim  Iyke what do You Guys think?

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