Friday, 8 November 2013

Man from Nigeria Beaten to Death in India.

Man from Nigeria Beaten to Death in India.
This is so not Right  Got This from Lindodo  See How she Puts it ;

 Locals seem to be targeting Nigerians in India for no good reason. On October 30, a 37 year old man Obado Uzoma Simeon was murdered in Parra village, North Goa, India. Aside from Uzoma, several other Nigerians have been harassed, assaulted and beaten by the locals and Indian police isn't doing anything about the targeted violence. Locals claim the Nigerians being targeted are drug dealers.

Angry Nigerians staged a protest in India last week over Uzoma's killing. They attacked the police vehicle carrying his body, removed the body from the van and kept it on the road, blocking traffic in the area (pic above ). The protest led to the arrest of several Nigerians who have since been released.

 Nigerians in India have been complaining bitterly about how the locals are maltreating them. And there's actually a directive from Goa's Chief Minister to police to track down Nigerians living illegally in the state and deport them. A few days after the protest, a minister in state added fuel to the fire by referring to Nigerians as cancer.

The video below shows the beating of a Nigerian man in India. Watch...

Man from Nigeria Beaten to Death in India.

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  1. the Indians have actually done their worst, there are several Indians in Nigeria as well, I think its time to start brutalising them as well,who the fuck are they