Tuesday, 26 November 2013

If not for Steve , I would Have Loved to Date Dillish - - Melvin Oduah .

If not for Steve , I would Have Loved to Date Dillish - - Melvin Oduah .
The Big Brother The Chase Housemate, Melvin Oduah opened up about his feelings for fellow housemate & BBA winner, Dillish Matthews to  reporter, Chinedu Okorie. He confessed that he would have started an affair with Dillish had her boyfriend of four years Steve   Enjoy ;

Dillish is a pretty girl, attractive as well. She is someone that I just naturally cliqued with and vice versa. From the moment I was swapped from the Ruby house to the Diamond house up until the end; I and Dillish were so close. We did a lot of things together, we play all the time; so a lot of people now had that misconception but they forgot that when  Dillish first came to the house she  announced to everyone that “I have a man at home, we’ve been dating for four years, we’ve been through a lot of things together”, so she is not open for any relationships and I respect ladies decisions a lot; so I just knew that there was nothing there,  let’s just be friends and all. So, I and Dillish were just friends. Then, people started saying things like “Melvin and Dillish, you guys are in love”, but no, that’s wasn’t true; we were just friends.

Maria and Dillish are very good friends. Maria opened up about the feelings she had for me, so how would that look? And don’t forget that Steve is there as well. Okay yes, probably if there was no Steve and if there was no Maria; maybe something could have taken place but that is a situation that we will never know because there will always be Steve and Maria, so we’ll never know.

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