Monday, 11 November 2013

Emmy Collins Hits on Uche Jumbo and Toke Makinwa Says Toke is Fake .

Emmy Collins Hits on Uche Jumbo and Toke Makinwa Says Toke is Fake .
This Dude is at it again , he did this sane thing to linda and Toni Payne Now he is Hitting on My Toke hehe in his words ;

  • Uche Jumbo
I guess the fashion police just arrested this lady outside the event venue and rummaged through that hair hoping to find any atom of style hidden there. They must have let her go when they saw a brick wall.

The fashion olokpas must have felt so out of luck, hehe.   Style is an alien word to this chic.
However, I have been wowed by the most unlikely people at some point in my life so I am still waiting with bated breath for Uche to shut me up with her styling someday.
I wouldn`t put any smart money on that happening any time soon though.
  • Toke Makinwa
The first time Toke found herself in hot pepper soup on this forum was during her obvious failed attempt at stuffing this monstrosity called a dress down our throats.However, she is back in trouble today not as a result of the outfit she had on but what she spewed out of her mouth in a recent interview.

 I have managed to purposefully boycott any news relating to Toke of late as I honestly don`t fathom why she has to be in the news. Well,I have mentioned unequivocally in the past that once you set out to bleach the beautifully skin you inherited from God(God created us in his own image) then you have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that you are insecure so Toke has since entered my black book as an insecure young lady.

By saying that she acquired the British/American accent during the JUST one year she spent in UK because she didn`t want to come across as a “SAVAGE” is further proof that this young lady needs counselling to build up her sense of self belief.

Well, the moral of my short story is that fake accent doesn`t get you too far.  People will always smell your fakeness from miles away.

Savage my skinny ass. Fake accent,fake skin colour?  Now, that is too much fakeness in one person,Tokstarr.

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