Saturday, 12 October 2013

I Have Heard so many Stupid Pick up Lines from Guys .

I Have Heard so many Stupid Pick up Lines from Guys .

 In a Recent interview with Punch Nollywood Diva Chelsea Eze Disclosed that she has heard so many Stupid Pick up lines from Men, Guys don suffer Chai  Enjoy Excerpts from the Interview ; 
How often do you get hit on by men?
I don’t know.  I haven’t been keeping record but it happens quite a lot.

Would you mind sharing some hilarious pick-up lines you have heard from guys?
One time this guy walks up to me after church actually and says, ‘Hi, my name is Mr. X. I’m building a house just for the two of us. I want you to be my wife. In fact, I see you as my wife already.’ And then he shows me the picture of ‘the house’ he’s building. There was a time, another guy saw me at the mall and said, ‘If you let me, I won’t make you wait for years’. I was confused at first; apparently the line was based on a movie he had seen me in. In that movie, I was engaged to a guy for a long time. Another one once told me, ‘I call you baby oku (hot baby) because you make me hot baby’. I tell you, I have heard so many ridiculous pick-up lines.

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