Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Face-off; Comparing Legacies - Obasanjo Vs Goodluck Jonathan

Face-off; Comparing Legacies - Obasanjo Vs Goodluck Jonathan
Come to think of it , there were some Meaningful things that our former President , Olusegun Obansanjo Implemented that are still of immense Benefits to us as Nigerians and to Africa as a whole , for Mr Gazillion this is how he Sees it ;

I just discussed with two of my colleagues during lunch today on President Jonathan's legacy or would be legacy after leaving office. Comparing him with our ex-president OBJ, I did point out 6 things that would remain a legacy and which positively impacted on the lives of virtually all average Nigerian families. I understand OBJ spent 8 years in office but with Jonathan's first term, any hope he'll surpass the legacies below?

Firstly, Obasanjo introduced and liberalised the use of the GSM. Prior to this, telephone - whether land or mobile was almost exclusively for the rich.

Secondly, it was under the Obasanjo leadership that Nigeria's debt got written off in the Paris Club.

Thirdly, it was Obasanjo who bravely retired all Military men in the Nigerian Army who had tasted or held any political office.

Fourthly, it was also under his leadership that the Nigerian banking institution got brilliant reformations (although with some lapses) - This reformation stopped the total collapse of the financial institution in Nigeria during global financial melt down.

Fifthly, under OBJ Prof. Dora Akunyili of NAFDAC brought back in Nigeria the integrity of pharmaceutical drugs and fought vehemently without ethnic colouration, the barons importing fake drugs in Nigeria.

Finally, the fight against corruption under OBJ's leadership did have some bite. Whether it was used in hunting political opponents or not...it did have some bite and we are all witnesses that since the exit of Mallam Ribadu, the anti-corruption institution has virtually lost her voice and temerity.

I'm just thinking aloud, what will president Jonathan's Legacy be?

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