Wednesday, 2 October 2013

5 Reasons Why Women Dump Men by Tutu Branch

5 Reasons Why Women Dump Men by Tutu Branch
How would you define the spice of a good relationship? For me, I'll say patience, love and care and a great deal of these three from both the man and lady involved. Most relationships go sour as soon as a party becomes impatient, bossy or uncaring, thereby, bringing a sad end to a love story once sweet. Here are five reasons why women dump men. Ladies can I have a witness!? 

1. Control Freak 'bosy'

This is where the issue of 'slavery' comes in as women being emotional by nature, want to enjoy bliss in our relationships. A man being in control can make any responsible woman feel secured,  but when becomes a 'jim-iyke-in-the-movie' kinda attitude, it ends up hurting her feelings, ego and even their self-esteem. Men get dumped the moment their partner see them as slave masters. Guys, beware!

2. Rules and regulations

The last thing anyone wants in their relationship is to feel like been in a bondage. Maybe by the virtue of their make naturally, some men set rules and regulations for their partners to abide by. This brings about revolt in relationships and even brings the woman to the point where she questions the love her man professes. Pushing her to the point of frustration by your highhanded rules will only help you end up without her. Beware. 

3. Forever Busy

Weaker vessels, so we are called. Women are attention-seekers and you have to give it to them in large doses, else you make her feel less loved. As soon as a woman starts to feel un-needed and she taste some form of attention from another guy who may even 'worship' her, 'fiam' she is gone like a wind!

4. Irresponsibility

It causes an ache in the heart of the woman when she is overladen with duties while her man roams around without offering an helping hand nor kind sweet words, to say the least. This is one of the many reasons why women get carried away with men outside their relationships who are all sweet and tender. Taking responsibility of her well being in terms of finance, health and emotions will help you both stay happy but if you act otherwise, don't be mad that she left you for prince-charming. 

5. Dependable

Are you worth depending on as a man? if yes, great! But if not, then you have a long way to go. No woman spends much time with an unreliable or undependable men. Women have dumped a lot of men for this reason and this will still happen in future, so watch out.Try not to get dumped.

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