Saturday, 7 September 2013

We will Deal with Amaechi if GEJ Hands him Over - - Asari Dokubo

Matter Arising ; Hehe The President of the defunct Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, Alhaji Mujahedeen Asari- Dokubo, once again took a swipe at President Goodluck Jonathan and this time lambasting the President of being  disappointment to the Ijaw ethnic nationality describing Jonathan as weak and unassertive as a leader.

 Adding that he should hand over Gov Amaechi to the militant for them to deal with the Governor all this Guy knows is Fight , Fight for God 's Sake 's we are in a Democratic Rule not in the Military  See what he Said ;

Jonathan is disgracing the Ijaw people and people of the South-South by negotiating with these dissidents. I am terribly annoyed by the way he is handling this issue, he is a disgrace. If he cannot withstand them he should tell us because there is no basis for negotiation.
 This is the time for Jonathan to act like an Ijaw man and he should stop disgracing us.
“Jonathan should hit them and he should tell usif he cannot hit them so that we can help him to hit them mercilessly. I have the potential to hit them hard. It is on record that I once held Nigeria hostage and Nigeria could not produce oil for 48 hours and my activities forced the prices of crude oil globally to rise by $30 one day. It was unprecedented and I can repeat it.

Continue Reading he says more Interesting Things ;

“The plot against Jonathan will surely fail but the President should be decisive with these people once and for all. Jonathan should assert himself as President and put these people where they should be. Obasanjo, who is leading these people did two terms and he plotted a third term.

“There should be no negotiation with dissidents. It should be total war, no retreat, no surrender and let us see who will run first. There is time for peace and there is time for war. This is the time to go into war.

 Jonathan should know that this is the time for war and if he cannot sustain the war, we will help him to sustain it. How many governors attempted to frustrate Obasanjo? Ibori and others were united behind Atiku Abubakar to frustrate Obasanjo and they failed because Obasanjo was strong, assertive, decisive and courageous.

“Jonathan should be strong to deal with them but whether he is strong or not, we are ready to support and stand by him. It is not a one-man battle but a total war and they must be totally vanquished.”

 Besides, Asari-Dokubo asked Jonathan to hand over the Rivers State Governor, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, to the ex-fighters in the Niger Delta for a decisive action.
On Amaechi, he said, “Let the security men step aside and let us see how Amaechi can come to Rivers State. Amaechi should not be protected because he has betrayed the collective interest of the Niger Delta.

“Jonathan should be decisive and look at the other way and allow us to stand on the streets for 24 hours and we will see whether this madness by Amaechi will not end.”

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