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Things You Need to Know About Boko Haram - - 13Volts Jtf Member.

Things You Need to Know About Boko Haram - - 13Volts Jtf Member
Things You Need to Know About Boko Haram - - 13Volts Jtf Member.

According to Social Intelligence Blog Tutu Branch , There are a Lot of things we do not know about Boko haram in this Interview with JTF 13Volts she brings some of this Issues to the Table ;

Before I start let me state that what am about posting are true pictures taken by me during my tour of duty with JTF in both Borno state and Yobe state. Some of my analysis are based on my personal interaction with locals, interviews with suspected and confirmed boko haram suspects.

Boko haram fighters are mainly poor uneducated, jobless youths from mainly the Kanuri tribes and some from Margi tribes found mainly in Borno & Yobe states. Most don’t even subscribe to the ideology of boko haram, but for material gains, money and threat of live most join the group. With the declaration of state of emergencies and the subsequent deployment of Special Forces by JTF, boko haram decided to employ the services of mercenaries from Chad, Niger republic & Mali. These mercenaries formed the core of most deadly coordinated attack carried out by the sect. Boko haram opted for these mercenaries because the locals are inexperience and easily ran away leaving their weapons in event of any resistance or attack from the JTF. While the mercenaries are resilient experience with proven record of combat in Niger, Chad, Mali & Libya.

WHERE DO BOKO HARAM SOURCE MONEY FROMBank robberies, extortion and kidnapping are some of the well known avenue whereby boko haram financed their activities. No successful businessman residing in Maiduguri or Damaturu who have not been contacted to donate money for the sect. such donations are mandatory, fixed depending on your income. Failure to comply means instant death and attack on your investment. Many secretly donate others just fold and leave the city entirely. Boko haram have gone into kidnapping of expatriate workers to source for money using another name. The New terror group linked to al Qaeda, Jama'atu Ansarul Muslimina known as Ansaru that claimed the recent kidnapping of seven foreign workers in Bauchi & kastina state are decoyed aimed to redirect and confused the JTF into looking elsewhere and at the same time not tarnishing the image of boko haram as a kidnapping organization. But in real sence it was boko haram that are doing most of the kidnapping. However funding from Qaeda in the Magrib remains the key source of Boko haram funding & weapons. 

WHERE WE GOT IT WRONG IN THE FIGHT AGAINST TERROR.The declaration of state of emergencies was ill timed. With intelligence available that Boko haram have camps in Sambisa forest and Kainowa forests in Borno, similar camps in Yobe. The FG should have surprised the sect by lunching a surprise air raids on these camp before declaring a state of emergency, instead a state of emergency was declared, troops & fighter jets started leaving for Borno 3 days later and telephone network was ceased a week later. When President Bush was giving a televised broadcast declaring war on Taliban after 9/11 America bombers where already dropping bombs on identified targets in Afghanistan. In our case, when the Nigeria air force started dropping bombs most of the boko boys have fled, or relocated . The bombs dropped where on empty grounds, some of the bombs are expired and didn’t explode, others where simply drop on empty bushes as the precise targets where not coordinated. This early mistake cost the JTF some casualties as the boko boys regroup and lunched counter attack on ground forces waiting to kill any retreating enemy. Nothwistanding these early setbacks, the JTF prevailed regrouped and killed hundreds of boko boys. 

WHY WE ARE WINING THE WAR I tell you guys without any contradictions that if not for the intervention of the CIVILIAN JTF, we will not be singing this victory songs. If you like bring in US marines, they can’t end boko haram, why because there is no way you cant identified a fighter from an innocent person. A top boko haram commander can pass a military check pint 100 times a day without any fear as long as he is not carrying any offensive weapon. But these civilian JTF know every single member of the sect, but the fear of attack made them not to cooperate. Before a mare speculation that you are an informant to JTF is enough reason for your entire family to be wipe out. So the question is who bi MUMU? I tell the success CIVILIAN JTF recorded in the last 4 months surpasses the entire achievements of the JTF in a year. Fighter that ran away as far as Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, rivers state have been hunted down and arrested by these youths.

IS SHEKAU DEAD?Shekau is 100% dead and buried. I personally have interviewed eye witness that

The exterior of his house where Shekau jump the fence and escaped. what actually happened that day was their was an attack and the boys fled to the same area shekau was hiding after the raid and the gunmen men were killed, we decided as a precaution to conduct a search on the isolated houses in the area not knowing that our main target was even in one of the houses. so some men approached this causally and requested it to be searched only for his body gurad to open fire and Shekau ran away, but his wife was arrested thats how we got to know he was hiding in the house. it was really a great and unfortunate miss for the JTF that day.

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