Friday, 27 September 2013

Surprising; Nigerian Unemployed Undergraduates Creates Association

Surprising;   Nigerian Unemployed Undergraduates Creates Association

According to Social Intelligence Site Tutu Branch some Unemployed Nigerian Graduates has Gathered to form an Organisation known as NAEG Which is rather Surprising see how she Puts it ; 
When i got this in my mail this morning, i thought it was a joke but on a closer look and after thorough research i found out that the guys are 'dead' serious same way unemployment has become a nightmare to millions of Nigerian youths

These Nigerian unemployed graduates are ready to take their stand as they have inaugurated an online association 'National Association of Unemployed Graduates' as they
created it solve the problem of unemployment in Nigeria.

The move, they added, was to “cleanse the country of the virus called unemployment” by holding government at all levels accountable.

According to them, inspite of their various ethnic backgrounds, they are united in the fight against unemployment.

They lamented the situation where applicants who were merely trying to survive were forced to part with money to secure employment forms.

The youth, who hold regular discussions and chats on Facebook, Twitter and on an online forum, said they were determined to address the socio-economic imbalances for which the unemployed Nigerian graduates are victims.

 Members of the association on Facebook ( as of Thursday are 842 in number.

The coordinator of the group, Ehis Abuya, a 2010 graduate of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State, said the social media helped greatly in mobilizing his fellow jobless youths to join the association.

He disclosed that members of the association held their inaugural offline meeting in Lagos on September 7.

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