Thursday, 19 September 2013

School Teacher 45 had Sex with Two of her 16 Year Old Students in her home.

School Teacher had Sex with Two of her Students in her home.
A married music teacher had alcohol-fuelled sex sessions with two boys from her School

Jennifer Philp-Parsons, a mother-of-three, Now Sentenced 30 Months in Prison invited the 16-year-olds to parties at her house, where she plied them with drinks

The 45-year-old had sex with one boy in the living room while her husband slept upstairs. On another occasion she slept  with two different boys in the space of one hour while her spouse was away.
 One of her Prosecutors has this to Say ;
 The boy was alone with the defendant while he was watching a film on her sofa bed.

‘She pulled up his T-shirt and stroked his stomach while commenting on his physique. She touched him and she removed his clothing, they began kissing and they had sexual intercourse.’

At another party at her home just weeks later, ‘drinking games took place and towards the end of the evening three boys were in the defendant’s bedroom’, Miss Pitts added. ‘Two boys left leaving [the original victim] alone with the defendant...  and they had sexual intercourse.’ 
The court heard that less than an hour later, when the victim and a friend left to buy food at around 1am, Philp-Parsons began to seduce a second boy.

After performing a sex act on him she took him upstairs and slept with him. Miss Pitts said of the second victim: ‘He felt pressured because it was her house and he did not want to do it, but did not know what else to do.’

Her husband of 18 years was in court yesterday as she was sentenced to 30 months in jail.
Culled From Daily Mail Uk.

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