Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Pastor G Arrested for Sllepping with teenager, Her mother and Aunt

Pastor G Arrested for Sllepping with  teenager, Her mother and Aunt
Some Pastors Sef  ! According to all Christian News Virginia’s Richmond Outreach Center (ROC) saw the loss of senior pastor Geronimo Aguilar, who resigned after the allegations surfaced due to allegations of very serious misconduct in a case involving inappropriate behaviour with underage girls.

Several women have come forward to accuse the pastor of sexual assault. One woman said that she was with him when she was 18.  The pastor is married with five children.  The woman says that the pastor took the girl, her sixteen year old sister, and two other young
girls to a timeshare when his wife was out of town.

Popularly known as “Pastor G,” Aguilar was charged with seven felonies in the incident, which allegedly took place all the way back in 1996, before his church was founded in 2001.

If he is convicted, the pastor may face life in prison. Even worse, the church found out later about several extramarital affairs that took place within the church during the pastor’s time in leadership.

“After our former pastor was arrested related to charges in Texas, the board of directors became aware of his multiple extramarital affairs with members of our church and community,” the statement said. “This biblically disqualified him from the office of pastor and leadership of the ROC in any capacity. The board of directors is committed to providing godly leadership at all levels of ministry.”

“He brought us alcohol, we got drunk and the rest is history,” Baker said. “I had just turned 18. We had sex. It was wrong. Just because it is not illegal doesn’t mean it is not wrong, and he was my pastor. I moved to Richmond to serve God.”

The woman also says that the pastor was intimately involved with both her mother and aunt.

Only God can save us from this moral bankruptcy even in the houses of God

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