Thursday, 12 September 2013

Oh My God #Yahoo Scam $11m fraud: Nigerian jailed in The United Stat

Oh My God #Yahoo Scam $11m fraud: Nigerian jailed in The United Sta
Wire Wire !!  The Man in Question goes by the Name Emmanuel Ehkator , who was Investigated by the EFCC But was later Handed over to the United States on August 2011 .

 He is been interrogated for a Wire and Mail Fraud of over $11Million Yay !!! According to Reports Emmanuel was said to operate by   contacting  U.S. and Canadian law firms by e-mail claiming to be individuals or businesses outside North America who were owed money by entities in the United States and asked for legal representation to collect the money. 

The prosecutor further told the court that, “often, the prospective “clients” said the money owed came from a real estate transaction, tort claim, or divorce settlement. Once the law firm agreed to represent the out-of-country client, the law firm would be contacted by the U.S. entity purportedly owing money with an offer to pay the client by cheque.

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The client would instruct the law firm to deposit the cheque in the law firm’s trust account, retain the law firm’s fee, and wire the remaining funds to accounts in Asia”.

The cheque that was then mailed to the law firm would be a counterfeit cheque, a fact that would be discovered only after funds from the law firm’s trust account had been wired to the Asian bank, the prosecution said.

 The counterfeit cheques, which appeared to be drawn on legitimate accounts from well-established financial institutions, often included a telephone number for the financial institution.

The court was also told that Ehkator’s involvement in the scheme makes him responsible for losses of more than $7 million and up to $20 million. Gosh!! Yahoo Boys can fit Scam.

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