Monday, 2 September 2013

Men Lounge ; What would you do when Your Girl Cheats on You.

What would you do when your Girl Cheats on You

This is for the Guys , a Friend of mine is in this Dilenma  and he said i should ask what do You do when your Girl Friend Cheats on You He feels Hurt and Upset Right Now Your Words could Help ; see his Story

I love my girlfriend very much. More than i've ever loved another girl i've dated. We have been going out for about a year and a half. we broke up about 3 or 4 times but always get back together because we feel a strong love bond together that we don't think we can get with someone else if we went to other relationships.
Okay this is it . I gave my friend my girlfriend's  number while we were sitting in his car and he was asking me about girl's numbers on my phoneBut for God's Sake  I didn't think he would or was capable of succeeding with her because her love for me was that strong. (we had broken up at this point for the 3rd time), her mother hates me she said 'i think i'm better than everyone else', and her friend hates me because of the Love we share .

Ok My friend told me over the phone that he slept with my girlfriend (this was after she came back to me and we were trying to work things out again). 

He slept with her during our break up period. When i called her and baited her to confess she started by denying she had even been unfaithful. But after more probing she admited to sleeping with him. She didn't know i knew him. I quizzed her about it and got all the details i could. she said she slept with him in her house. he lead her upstairs to her room (which sounds like bull**** to me). she slept with him on 4 different occasions (this is what makes me think she's a real slut, because if she only slept with him once i could have forgiven it but 4 different occasions). she said she honestly thought we were over. I feel bad because everytime i look into this friend's eye's i will know he ****ed my girlfriend, so if i take her back i have to get rid of him. My ego feel's crushed. she gave him head (she wouldn't even give me head, and only did it once..she said it just happened). She's such a slut. She said she was trying to start a new relationship and move on due to advice from her 'friends', she slept with him whilst she was babysitting there was a baby in the house. I really hate this girl for making fall so deeply in love with her that my emotions can forgive her for such a horrendous act. She has cheated on me before when i was in jail for a couple of months. She kissed and groped with another guy friend of mine, who i knew was talking to her and 'feeding her head with sweettalk'. He didn't sleep with her because he say's he thought obout 'us' and our friendship and couldn't but he claim's she was easy and she's just looking for a relationship with anyone. She claim's she loves me soo much and it was hard to find me. i hate this girl. she slept with a friend of mine. A friend i have known for years. I gave him her number so i feel somewhat at fault. It was during a break up period. I really want to take her back but i don't think i can ever look at her the same. She has now turned off her phone because i insulted her by telling her to come over so i could **** her. This was after we just got back together and were having problems. I feel like going to her house to talk to her face to face. I'm so confused. This girl gave me everything. More than another girl has given me. Everytime i call her any time of the day she would come. She would buy thing's for me. Give me money. Cook me food. She showed me love by doing things for me. I don't think i could find another girl like her. I could go to her house at any hour's day or night and see her. But she slept with my friend for goodness sake. I feel she's a slut for doing that. when she was telling me the story and said 'and then it happened' that's the worst part that hurt. I picture him on top of her having sex with her it makes me feel bad. what should i do?

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