Monday, 23 September 2013

Ladies ; Can You Rock May7ven (Segun Odegbami 'sdaughter) Outfit.

Can You Rock May7ven (Segun Odegbami 'sdaughter) Outfit.
To me this is a Crazy Fashion Statement but i Like it because it is Risque , that is what Fashion  is About it Does not have to be Boring.

 so can You Rock This Outfit Rocked by Segun Odegbami 's Daughter a British based Singer ;


  1. Emeka Shaatap So this is what You Teach People Here abi to behave like Mad People all in the Name of Been Fashionable You better Change if not Hell fire sure 4 U .....

  2. Why not i can Rock this if i were to be a Presenter or a Music star.

  3. Not Like @ First Person all i meant Was You can always Try New Fashion and Trends while keeping Your Modesty Intact.

  4. Blah Blah who cares is Denrele not worst than she is