Saturday, 7 September 2013

Just Teasing ; What if Pastor Chris Okotie Engages Patrick Obahiagbon in a Debate.

What if Pastor Chris Okotie Engages Patrick Obahiagbon in a Debate.
What do you think would happen?

Something Like this Might happen , Now I would be the Coordinator of this Interview and i would ask two Question one to Pastor Chris and the Other to Mr Patrick Obahiagbon(HPO);

To Pastor Chris ; what Do you feel about the Way PDP is Running this Nation ?
The laws of dialectical Materialism by Karl Marx, which involve having a concept called the thesis, you find a concept that works against the thesis called the anti-thesis, then both of them synthesize together to form what is called synthesis which can be translated into chaos and this what PDP does. They create chaos, then they get a group within the party to oppose the chaos and then they resolve the problems within the two groups and synthesize the third position, which is where we are headed in the first place.

To Mr Patrick Obahiagbon ;  And was that why you crossed to the Action Congress of Nigeria, because I am made aware that you have left the PDP for the ACN?

HPO;   Yes, I am a member now of the Action Congress of Nigeria, Edo State. That itself has generated a life controversy of officio. But the way I look at this matter is that I take succour in Plato. Plato said that at all points in time in any democracy, the people and only the people must remain the philosopher kings, and I find myself in Edo State where a preponderant number of my constituents had techivastated from the People’s Democratic party to the Action Congress of Nigeria, for no reason other than the fact that the comrade governor himself, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has given meaning to governance. Edo state that was in a state of economic quagmire, political phantasmagoria, and social stupor was gradually and is being gradually transmogrified into a state of infrastructural El Dorado. So you see a dominant number of my constituents adjusting to the Action Congress of Nigeria and I can’t stay here, I can’t stay here Kayode, to begin to admire the bridges in Abuja and pretend not to see the yearnings, not to listen to the yearnings and aspirations of my people.

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