Thursday, 19 September 2013

Jonah Jang Faction of the NGF Opposes Amaechi’s Faction On Finance Minster’s Sack

Jonah Jang Faction of the NGF Opposes Amaechi’s Faction On Finance Minster’s Sack
I am Beginning to like Politics in Nigeria as it is becoming more and More interesting hehe , if You have been Following this Blog You will Remember that Recently Governor Amaechi Faction of the NGF(Nigeria Governor Forum)  Requested for the Resignation of the Minister of Finance ,Well there Seems to be Another Faction of the NGF  that Does not share the Same Opinion

The governor Jang faction in a statement noted that the content of the communique by the Amaechi faction clearly indicates that the faction now sees itself as an opposition to the presidency and Nigerians.

 Weighing in on the matter also, the governor of Delta state says it is wrong to ask for the sack of the finance minister over the issues raised by the Amaechi faction, but instead the NNPC and relevant agencies should be held accountable.

Well one will but Wonder there should there now be Divergent Views from the  Same Governors Forum  which was once United  According to Channels News

There’s been a split in loyalty in the NGF which was once united under the chairman ship of the Rivers State governor, but it all went awry when another election for the chairmanship of the NGF was due and was held in Abuja in the Rivers governor’s lodge where a disagreement ensued after the election produced Amaechi returning as the Chairman of the NGF, while Jonah Jang the Plateau state governor who contested with the incumbent  and apparently lost the election which was captured in video, laid claims to the chairmanship seat with the support of some governors, sometime in May.

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