Sunday, 8 September 2013

Jeez ! Son Of Taiye Taiwo's Former Boss Gunned Down On The Street

! Son Of Taiye Taiwo's Former Boss Gunned Down On The Street
! Son Of Taiye Taiwo's Former Boss Gunned Down On The Street

Adrien Anigo, son of Olympique Marseille boss Jose Anigo was gunned down in French city and this is the 15th gun killing in the crime-ridden city this year alone 

Adrien Anigo - whose father, Jose Anigo is the sporting director of Olympique Marseille (former club of Nigeria's super Eagle's Player, Taiye Taiwo before moving to Milan) - was also the second person in a day to be killed in the region of the southern port city 

The 30-year-old was shot dead in the middle of the day by two men on a motorbike while he was getting out of a rented Renault Twingo.

Marseille's mayor and officials call for end to in-fighting to solve gangland crisis in city with the French Prime Minister last month ordering 130 police officers and 24 investigators to crack down on the gun-killing

The killing is being seen as part of a worrying and increasing gangland culture in a city rife with drugs and political corruption - even in the year it holds the title of European Capital of Culture.

Authorities say AK47s are available in the region for €500 each, and that execution-style killings - described by the state prosecutor as Marseille's 'regrettable speciality' - are becoming increasingly common.

Anigo, a restaurant owner, had been under investigation by police over armed robberies of jewellery stores and involvement in a local gang.

He was due to appear in court, having been jailed in the past before being released because of a judicial error, according to French media.

The father-of-two suffered multiple gunshot wounds, including one to the head, as he was targeted by the men who fled the scene.

Jose Anigo, the director of one of France's oldest and most popular clubs, grew up on a poor estate before becoming a player at Marseille and had denied having any mafia or crime links of his own, telling the Journal du Dimanche two years ago: 'The street sucked in my son, but that's got nothing to do with anyone but the justice system.'

Tourist numbers have risen sharply in Marseille in the past six months, with the city aiming to attract 10 million visitors this year as it holds the Capital of Culture title.

Officials have had some success at cracking down on drug-smuggling, particularly the heroin trade, but it is still a hub on the cocaine route through Europe from Africa and in late Sixties, about 80 per cent of heroin in the US was trafficked from Marseille.

source; Daily mail.


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