Saturday, 7 September 2013

GEJ is Responsible for Most of My Recent Success - - Dangote.

GEJ is Responsible for Most of My Recent Success - - Dangote.

The richest man in Africa and 25th in the world Aliko Dangote  disclosed that the assests of his company is now worth $21bn after a meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan in Nairobi, Kenya and Not only that attributed some of his Recent successes to the Administration of Our President See his Statement ; 

I will tell you what he has been doing to Nigerians and to some of us who are in business in Nigeria. We are very grateful for some of the policies he has introduced. As you all know, without the good policies of government, there is no way a person like me from the big town like Kano can find himself to be the 25th richest person on earth.

“Without the policies of Mr President and also making sure that yes, there is consistency in the policies of government, this could not actually have happened. If government has bad policies, the whole economy will crumble and if they have good policies, people will be able to prosper.That is what it is now.”
I just have a Problem with People forming Government Ambassador for Political Goodwill.

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