Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Expo Tinz ; Lagos State sacks principal, 8 others over (Expo )exam cheating

Expo Tinz ; Lagos State sacks principal, 8 others over (Expo )exam cheating

The Lagos state government is Really Taking this Issue of Exam Malpractice Very Serious as Lagos State Government  in western Nigeria has compulsorily retired nine officers including a school Principal, his vice and other senior teachers over examination malpractice.

Among The members of Staff Layed off  were  Mr. S. O Amure, School Principal on GL 17, Mr. V. A Joseph- the Vice-Principal on GL 16, Mr K.E Ogunleye, the Mathematics teacher on GL 15, Mr. A. I Banjoko, the Examination supervisor on GL 12, Mrs. L. D Akinterinwa on GL 15, Mr. A. O Araba on GL 15, Mr. V. O Towoshe on GL 14, Mr. S.I Oladipupo and Assistant Examination Supervisor on GL 08.

The Officers, who are staffers of the State’s Senior Model College, Igbogbo, Ikorodu, were found guilty of aiding and abetting the students to cheat during examination on Mathematics.
 According to what i heard , the Waec official had a Tape as in a Recorded Tape , of which Recorded how the Teachers went about Assisting the Students , this was the Tape the External Examiners Used in Getting the Principal; and other Teachers The Worst of it all is that Most of the Teachers Layed off were Either Level 18 or 17 , the Lowest were Level 14 Officers officers Eyaah I feel for them how will they Cope Naija Hard Now o .

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