Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Akon 's Convict Music Signs World Next Beyonce Zewdy Awalom.

Akon's Convct Music Signs Zewdy
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Is Zewdy the next Beyonce or better?  Zewdy Awalom,19, is an up-and-coming  R&B singer whose voice has been compared to that of singer Beyonce.

Born in New York City, in the early morning of July 4th, 1990, to an Ethiopian mother and an Eritrean father, Zewdy grew up in Union, New Jersey, where she polished her natural vocal skills, singing with her R&B vocalist/song writer/guitar player father and her sister, using Karaoke machine at home and singing along with the radio. Even at the age of two, she had a perfect pitch and could learn a song after only a couple of takes. At the age of four, she used to amaze visitors at home by playing any tune on the piano by ear.

Although Zewdy names Beyonce Knowles as her idol, there’s a host of other artists she admires, such as Stevie Wonder, the late Donnie Hathaway, Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguilera, to name a few. She confesses, ” I like the contemporary stuff, but my true love lies in the old school.”
 See what she Says about Herself ;
I love music, I love singing.. it is my PASSION! But what drives me to be a famous and successful recording artist is my desire to help my people in Ethiopia, Eritrea” & the underprivileged around the world !!!” 
Congrats to Zewdy.

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