Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A Nigerian Based in Spain Caught With Cocaine worth N72million.

According to Pm News ;
The  Nigerian by the name Francis Bawaba who live in Madrid, Spain, was caught by the NDLEA at the MMA, Lagos with 6.490kg of high grade Brazilian cocaine worth the sum of N72 million. The 364 wraps of cocaine, already prepared for injection and hidden inside his hand luggage were discovered during the inward screening of passengers on an Etihad flight and he was en-route to earn N3.3 million.

He said: "This is my first time of smuggling drugs and I was lured with an offer of 3.3 million naira. I used to work in construction sites in Madrid to earn a living but it has been
difficult securing a job since the global economic melt-down. I collected the drug while on transit at Abudabi on my way from Milan. I never knew that I will be caught here in Nigeria. My plan was to invest the 3.3 million naira in business. Since my arrest I have been unable to eat because I do not know how my pregnant wife and two kids will cope without my financial support"

According to the suspect, Francis Bawaba, who hailed from Imo State, his concern is how his pregnant wife and two children will cope in his absence. 

As the NDLEA Commander at the Lagos Airport, Mr. Hamza Umar explained, "Our investigation has revealed that the suspect took off from Malpensa, Milan and collected the drug while on transit at Abudabi. He had given us very useful information that we are already working on"

The Chairman/Chief Executive of NDLEA, Ahmadu Giade assured culprits of maximum penalty for drug trafficking offences. Giade stated: "The essence of punishment is to correct the offender and deter people from indulging in a crime. Drug trafficking demands stiffer punishment to serve as deterrence because of the high profit it generates. The Agency will continue to ensure that the appropriate punishment is enforced at all times. Stakeholders in the criminal justice system must understand that stringent punishment is crucial to a sustainable victory in the anti-narcotic campaign"

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