Thursday, 22 August 2013

Policewoman who Collected Bribe has Been Arrested and I have a Call to Action.

Police woman who wanted to collect Bribe caught
The police woman filmed demanding N100 bribe from a commercial bus driver  has been arrested, this is according to the Lagos State police command.

“We have arrested her and she is presently in custody. She will be made to undergo an orderly room trial and the outcome will be made public,’’ The Public Relations Officer of the State Police Command, Ngozi Braide, said.
This is Definitely a step in the Right Direction Because if we would Solve the Problem of Corruption there has to be honesty on the Path of Everyone and  not that this Police woman who seeks Bribe of N100 is may be  perhaps Relieved of her Duties  that is in Severe Circumstances or any form of DisciplineCommensurate to her Offence.

 And A politician who has stolen Billions is let to go Free , Our Governement even make Matters Worse by saying any Government  official has an immunity Clause what is Democratic About an Immunity Clause? as we are Condemning this Woman let us not stop at that , Let us let the Government know that this Nigerian Ship is not for a single Person , it is a National Cargo the Goodies of Nigeria Ship  is not for the Senators or for the President or for the Governors or for the Members of house of Representatives or for the Educated Elites ; it is for the Masses it is for the 150 Million Nigerians we have in Nigeria  .One thing we Nigerians Don't Understand isWhen one gets in bed with government, one must expect the diseases it spreads.” Let us Abstain from a Government that Cannot Provide us with the Basic Infrastructures we need ,if we cannot abstain let us use a  Protection  , I am talking about the  Protection of the Intellect because it is our Saving Grace and the best is to Stick to an honest Government , that Cares for its People ; of which Permit me to say out of all the 36 states of Nigeria i have not seen one Government that has the Interest of its People at Heart .

I am Emeka Macdonald In Closing this Post i leave you with This words It is True that Our Leaders are not above the Law but Power  can Make Someone Invisible and when you are Invisible there is no harm you Cannot Unleash Including Corruption . The Gap Between the Government and the People is too Much.

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