Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Navy kills six pirates, ( Sea Thieves ) injures one

Navy kills six pirates injures one.

See how Punch Reports it ;
The joint patrol teams of the Nigerian Navy – NNS Jubilee, Akwa Ibom State, and NNS Victory, Calabar, Cross River State – said they killed six pirates in a gun duel on Tuesday.

It was learnt that a seaman, Barau Ibrahim, with NNS Victory, however, suffered gunshot wound on his hip.
But the navy injured and arrested one of the suspected sea pirates, who gave his name as Bassey Bassey.
Commander, NNS Jubilee, Isaac Ogbole, said local fishermen in Ibaka, Mbo Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State, gave the navy information about the pirates.

He stated that when the naval operatives got to the point as given by the fishermen, the pirates were taken by surprise and their efforts to engage the men of the Nigerian Navy in gun battle failed.

He said, “This morning (Tuesday), our men – NNS Jubilee, Akwa Ibom and NNS Victory, Calabar, Cross River State – killed six pirates and seriously injured one.

“The naval operatives acted as if they did not have any information about the pirates. They deceptively drove as if they were going to pass the pirates; but the operatives’ suddenly surrounded the pirates.

“The pirates, who pretended as if their boats were passenger boats, brought out arms and engaged the naval operatives in a gun duel.”

The leader of the NNS Victory, Lieutenant Linus Osuman, also explained that the incident occured about 8.30am.

He stated that his team was actually escorting a Cameroonian vessel, the BRENDA CORLETT, when it came in contact with some boats around Parrot Island.

Osuman said, “We gave them a chase and one of the boats developed engine problem and was stalled. As we were approaching the broken down boat, about seven men started firing at us.”

He said his men returned the fire, adding that in the process six of the robbers fell into the water while the injured seventh was arrested.

Commander of the NNS Victory, Commodore James Oluwole, said, “The waterways require daily presence to keep it

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