Sunday, 18 August 2013

My Daughter Can get Pregnant Outside Wedlock - - Charly Boy

My Daughter Can get Pregnant outside wedlock

Charly Boy as you all well Know is Fund of Making Long Speeches Like someone Reading A memorandum or TOS  lol This Statement was Pretty long so i just took out the Needed Parts ;  See it  ;

 I can’t believe that I told my daughter to go ahead and have a baby out of wedlock. Well, with the way things are playing out in our environment, it is time we embraced new ideas about dating and marriage. Society’s highest institution called “Marriage” is fast becoming old fashioned and outdated. Look around and see the alarming rate of divorce matters all over the place, something is definitely wrong my people. At this rate, falling in love and getting married will be a question of choice rather than societal expectation or luck.

My princess, my baby, my joy, my little big girl knows that her character, her pedigree, her background, her ambition, her zeal and courage will most likely intimidate a lot of men out there, she realizes that this will further narrow her pool of prospects, just like she is also aware that with each passing year she is getting older and never younger but the options stay very limited. All I’m trying to say is this, I tip my hat for all the “good” single ladies out there, keep the fate, I admire your courage in not wanting to settle for any trash out there. If it doesn’t fit,  trash it, finding a life time partner is not ‘moimoi’.

The world is already too troubled for you to be in a relationship that you know will not make you happy. Women can see these things ahead you know, that’s why they are a special breed of God’s creation. I have discovered lately that men need women in their lives to keep them stable, but if push comes to a shove, women don’t really need men, a case in point, ‘The great Oprah’. Yes, good men are hard to find, ask Lady D. Ha!!


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