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Macd Skills ; Ways To Become A Super Music Producer without Going to The Studio.

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Ways to becoming a Super producer
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As a Person i always like Giving out Value , and Creating Opportunites where there are None , Nigeria is a Nation with over 150, Million People with Diverse Musical  Needs and Africa also has a Population of 1.033 billion (2011) and with Diverse Musical Needs and Yet there are complains that Hip Hop Music Producers are Not Performing Up to Expectation.

Exception to Few music Producers who have Distinguished themselves , we need More talented Musicians and Artists so Here are useful Tips i Gathered from Serm  and  the Good thing is You can Begin Right Now To Change Your Life and the Entertainment Industry In Nigeria  ; 

  While the life of a successful producer is sometimes the life of a celebrity, you must not forget the actual roots of the craft. In order to become a successful producer, you must always think musically

# Tip No 1
1)Become comfortable with a style of music and hone your skills at this style. For example, if you aspire to be a hip-hop producer, learn everything there is to know about hip-hop and practice the art of beat-making.

#Tip No 2 
Create music. If you do not have a project in the works, write songs or instrumental tracks that could be used for the next one. These could be brief sketches or nearly complete songs. There will be a use for them later on, whatever their level of completion.
If  you do not have the Resources to Go to start a  Studio , the Internet is Filled with so many Useful Materials at your Disposal, Softwares which you could Get for Free or a a Cheap Rate , I Recommend Stuffs Like Dr Drum One of the Best music Making softwares are Available  Dr Drum

#Tips No 3

Meet as many like-minded artists as you can. Go out to as many performances as possible. Make yourself known. Find the people with whom you have a common ground, and collaborate with them as often as possible.

#Tip No 4
Create your own Web site. Even If you do  run a recording studio, describe your abilities and facilities. If you are primarily a songwriter or beat-maker, post some samples of your work for inquiring artists to hear.

# Tips No 5

Scour the Internet for similar artists. Reach out to them about projects that might work well. Make your skills and services known to them.
Wish you Goodluck in Your Efforts to be One of Nigeria Best.
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