Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A Must Read ; Police bullet kills 60-year-old deejay, wife demands justice

This indeed uncalled for the Rate at which Police Men are killing People this Days , and would turn to say it was a Stray bullet should be Checked , See how PUNCH Reports it ; 
Wife of a 60-year-old deejay, Adamson Bello, who was killed last Sunday by a stray bullet fired by a policeman attached to the Okokomaiko Police Division, Lagos State, has called for justice.

Modinatu, 50,  said the police did not only shoot her husband, they also frustrated efforts to get him medical treatment because the family could not obtain a police report demanded by the hospital.

Modinatu, who was married to the late deejay for 30 years before the relationship was terminated by the police bullet, explained to PUNCH Metro that Adamson was hit in the chest a few metres from their house.
Our correspondent learnt that the shot was fired by one of the policemen guarding a new hotel in the area, South Bound Hotel.

 An eye witness told PUNCH Metro that nobody could explain why the shot was fired by the killer cop.

He said, “Baba Fasilat (Adamson) was sitting in front of a house a few meters away from the hotel which was being guarded by a team of policemen.”

“Suddenly, one of the policemen fired a shot, for reasons nobody could explain.

“Unfortunately, Baba Fasilat was hit in the chest. Immediately people saw what had happened, there was confusion.

“Other police officers started shooting into the air to scare people away and pave the way for their escape.”
Modinatu, however, said she knew about the calamity that befell her from her son.

She said, “I had just arrived from Ondo that Sunday. I prepared pounded yam for him and later, he said he wanted to stroll out to the other street where our son, Afeez, also a deejay, had a musical engagement.

“A few minutes later, Afeez rushed in and started screaming that his dad had been hit by a police stray bullet.
“I rushed to the scene. Everybody had fled. Even the police team that wreaked the havoc had deserted the area. It was only my husband on the ground in a pool of blood.  Later, neighbours helped me and we took him to a hospital around here, but he was rejected because there was no police report to explain the gunshot wound.”

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