Wednesday, 17 July 2013

U.K Singer Kerry Katona and Her Fiance Poses Topless for New Magazine + her Debt Problems

The 2011 Big Brother Celebrity Winner and singer has posed Topless for New Magazine .She discussed with the Magazine about  her current relationship with George Kay and why they have not wedded up until now.

According to her  she is not ready to get married for now until when she settles her money problems and says contrary to reports that her fiance George Kay is not happy with her  for not wanting to get married but says he understands what is going on . she even told the Magazine that all the money she got from the Celebrity Big Brother show she used in Settling her debts.

See it ;

"In 2008, I got a tax bill but I didn’t have the money to pay it.

"I used my £300,000 earnings from Celebrity Big Brother in 2011 to settle the debt, but then I was hit with a 50 per cent tax bill and administrator fees, which I couldn’t pay."

Yay  £300,000 to pay debts ; nawa Ooº°˚ ˚°ºo how could she  be owing so much money, meanwhile kerry seems be on her Grine as the mother of four have taken some Raunchy Photos for New Mag. See them;

Hot !

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