Friday, 12 July 2013

The Ten Commandment You must not miss if you are to marry Femi 's daughter.

You go fear Commandment Na ! Femi Kuti in a customized t-shirt explains the 10 commandments  a man must know before he marries any of his daughters.See  The 10 commandments  below;

1) Get A Job

2) Understand I dont Like You

3) I’M Everywhere

4) You Hurt Her, I Hurt You

5) Be Home 30 Minutes Early

6) Get A Lawyer

7) If You Lie to Me, I will Find Out

 8) She is my Princess, Not your Conquest

9) I dont Mind Going Back to Jail

10) Whatever You do to Her, I will do to you

While it might be true that he loves his daughters BRODA Femi !! Should  know he is not the one to marry his Daughter  or Daughters so  he should not make rules that would make his Daughters unapproachable.

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