Thursday, 4 July 2013

Religious Ish ; Tope Alabi wanted to have Sex with + I could have Sex with Younger Girls - - Man Of God ;Prophet Ajanaku.

The Fights between Tope Alabi the Yoruba Gospel Artist Singer and Man of God Prophet Ajanaku is getting more messier  by the Day i didn't want to write about this  but I think you should see this

Can you clear the air on the claim by Tope Alabi that she met you [just] 6 years ago?

She actually met me 11 years ago when she came to church crying that since she married she had no child. I told her that by the grace of God when we shall be holding another anniversary she sill come and dedicate her child before God. I have pictures of the child dedication, I christened the child Deborah.

There are many things concerning her and the husband that I will never tell anyone, never ever. If she had not said that she met me only six years ago, I would not have called you to show all these pictures. And if I say what God has used me to do in their lives,with proofs and medical test records in their hands, they will be ashamed of themselves.

But I will like you to share it with us to put records straight?

I’m wondering if she’s being foolish or just stupid. I remember when she was putting pressure on me to have sex with her. She did not hide her urge to have sexual relationship with

But there were insinuations that you fathered the same child, could it be true?

I can never be involved in such a dirty act. Hen, what do we call that? Where is that written in the Bible? Is it in Habbakuk or where in the Bible is that written? Where do we start the foreplay? I have survived many beautiful women here in this house and I have never had anything sexual with them but attended to their needs.

Besides there are young girls around if one actually wanted to have such a relationship that is for those who wanted to do that. Why go to a grandma? She went as far as begging people to convince me to have sex with her but not me in the name of Jesus.

This Pastor sef i don't believe him Pastor that bleaches his skin Hian ..., Do you believe him?


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