Sunday, 28 July 2013

Patience Jonathan should Speak On #Child Marriage - - Ik Ogbonna.

 Multi Millionaire and Rakaan Perfume Endorsee Ik Ogbonna has called on the First lady of Nigeria to speak on the issue of Child Marriage see what he says ;
It's sad that in a country where pressing issues that threaten national growth persist quite obvious that even blind men can see it. Our leaders choose to press on non-issues with what ever intentions we know are purely selfish. I won't press much on this but if they feel it's right why can't they start with their own children. 1st and foremost a child at 13 can't decide what she wants as such obvious examples live within us.. things we thought we wanted at 13 are things we grew too realise we don't want any more.

This act of stupidity would increase divorce, rape, adultery, and hate thus children would be forced into marriage against their will thus infringing their basic human right of choice. Our 1st lady should speak on this and our so called leaders should tackle pressing issues and move this country forward. Nigeria pays our leader more than any other country in the world but we get little in return. Our currency is useless outside Nigeria, we don't have good electrical supply, schools are on strike, some students at the primary level who should have free education are seen on the streets hawking and begging. Let's spend time in building the leaders of tomorrow not destroying them and killing the beauty of life in them. Self hate alone can lead to a lot of things let's fight against this. I am IK ogbonna and I stand against such act of murder to our future

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