Wednesday, 3 July 2013

OJB Responds to Juliet Ibrahim Saying he needs money to Survive for the Next one Year.

Recently Beautiful Ghanian Actress Juliet Ibrahim Queried the $100,000 cost of kidney Transplant for OJB  saying the cost of Kidney transplant should not be more than $50,000 , well OJB has responded to that see what he  told Encomium Magazine - -

The mistake that she is making is that it depends on the kind of Hospital you are going to In India . She runs a Foundation so they might give her a rebate . The procedure itself is $55,000,what about the running cost of the Procedure ? You don't go to india only to come back asking for help again . At least i need some money myself for the next one year .So when you factor in all these costs ,add air tickets and lodging , you will appreciate what we are talking about.


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