Sunday, 28 July 2013

Meet The Model who wants to sue an NGO for helping her Increase the Size of her Boobs.

This very funny ; see how Sun uk puts it ;

SHAMELESS freeloader Josie Cunningham is set to sue the NHS over her taxpayer funded boobs — saying they have ruined her life.

The wannabe glamour model, 23, claims her £4,800 hooters are too BIG and blames medics for making her a laughing stock.

She reckons she was rushed through the surgery process and wants compensation for clinical negligence and emotional distress.

The single mum-of-two, who has consulted no-win, no-fee lawyers, vowed last night: “I’m going to take them for every penny.
“I want in excess of £10,000. Anything I can get over that is a bonus.”

As revealed in The Sun, Josie got the op on the NHS in January after tearfully telling her GP her flat chest was getting her down.

She went from a 32A to a 36DD and set about launching a career as a topless model. But unhappy Josie is now considering another op to REDUCE them after being targeted by online bullies.

The telesales worker, from Leeds, added: “I was rushed through the process. I didn’t actually ask for 36DD — I would have been happier with a B cup.

“But they told me that because I didn’t have any breast tissue I’d have to go for bigger breasts. They haven’t helped me one bit. In fact, my life is ruined.” Before Josie sues the NHS she says she will still take up its offer of £1,500 of BOTOX for her excessive SWEATING.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance hit out: “She appears to want to milk the NHS and taxpayers.” Leeds Teaching Hospitals — where Josie had her boob job — said it would be inappropriate to comment.

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