Thursday, 18 July 2013

Exclusive Pikshurr ; Can Wizkid afford the world's most expensive champagne.

 I brought you photos of Wizkid Celebrating his BDAY in London ,but what i didn't tell you was that Wizkid celebrated his birthday in London, with a bottle of TOD Which goes for a Whooping £1.2 million .Alongside Liam Payne Star boy Wizzy was definitely on Top of the World!

They sipped on the world's most expensive champagne, Goutdediamantes which bottle is made of Swarovski diamonds.

Star Boy  you no try at all  Wizkid was actually Sipping Champagne from a Cup what happened to the Champagne flute lol

Back to my Question I am curious   Do you think Wizkid could afford the TOD or did  Amosu  just cash in on the fact that it was his Birthday and you know used it as a media hype for the Drink, please share your thoughts ?

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