Monday, 10 June 2013

Yikes First ever Naked women football Championship in Berlin Germany.

  Yikes  FEMALE players show off their ball skills at the first-ever naked European Championships.

There were more curves than a Beckham free-kick and more boobs than England's U-21 flops as teams from across the Continent gathered and got their kit off at the tournament in Germany.

There  Championship witnessed  representatives from Countries like   Italy, France, Sweden and Germany tussled in the buff on the Peach at Berlin's Palais am Funkturm. 

 As far as tactics go most sides unsurprisingly opted to play with two up front - although there did seem to be more than the usual number of strikers.
See More women Nekkid  Footballers after the cut Note this is for those who are  18+ and above , if you are not Quickly  go over to  the next  Busstop I can like to avoid stories that touch the heart, i no fit shout

And there were plenty of handbags, as these stills from crunch games show.

 Some sides opted to keep their,A rm, shorts on while kit for others consisted only of socks in team colours.

Even the male ref stripped for the occasion, part of an erotic expo.

Despite all the flesh on show, games struggled to sell out.
Footage from the event shows just a few pint-sipping punters on the sidelines.
As for a result, they were all declared winners...
See photos from the game ;
Can these happen in Nigeria ?


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