Saturday, 15 June 2013

Photos ; Wizkid Survives A Ghastly Motor Accident which Wrecks his N10M Porshe Panamera.

Thank God for Wizkid life , because he had a close Brush with Death in the Early hours of this Morning at exactly 3.30am this morning as he was about to leave the Oriental Hotel  Victoria Island Lagos , this left his N10M Porshe Panamera

See an Eye witness Account Courtesy Perspective Blog

What your about to read is totally based truth i my self witness this breath taking event... AT 3:30Am me and my friends were about to leave the Nokia lumai beat party at the orientals hotel . As we wait for a cab it was raining, all of a sudden we heard a loud noise, it gets more interesting + more photos
behind us, we turn to check what made the noise,  right in front of our eyes we see a car made 2 drifts and a tumble .. First we had the shocking/ trilling  feeling we got to actually witness such a magnificent incident... As we rush down to check if their was any survival, we realize it was star boys new porsche car with the plates 'W' as we approach
further the MAN OF STEEL (star boy) walks out, not only saving him self but along with the girls with him lol, without any scratch or injuries.. The only thing damaged was his new porsche car worth of 50m, i guess we wouldn't be seeing wizz in his porsche for a while...

   Traffic officials said starboy was the 4th person that had an auto crash at that same hour ....

    Thank God for your life Ayo Balogun may the Almighty God keep protecting you..
         WAIT when was the last time you paid your tithes.....
 Location in front of oriental hotel lagos

WIizkid 's Panamera Before the accident

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