Sunday, 9 June 2013

Jim Iyke is a Wicked and Ungrateful Person - -Kenturah.

Jim Iyke's ex-girlfriend, Jamaican Born Actress and Model  Keturah speaks again. According to her, Jim used and dumped her.  She seems Hurt Here is what she said in a recent interview.

“I played along in the reality show as if I truly was a jealous and crazy lover. It was an act, but now I feel as if Jim set me up. He is a wicked man. I stood by him through all his troubles and tribulations. I helped bring him to the limelight when the light of his career was dimming. He is an ingrate and I leave him to God.”

I just can’t believe Jim would be this ungrateful – after all I have done for
him. I have not been able to accept this and I am truly in a state of shock. If Jim could treat me the way he did, after six years of being there for him, supporting him, encouraging him in all that he did, then I wish Nadia the best of luck.”

Take heart My Dear Men can be that way Glad you have moved on with your life.

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