Sunday, 9 June 2013

I Don't want anyman to say he had Sex with me for N100,000- - Biodun Okeowo

Biodun Okeowo is a Yoruba Actress and a beautiful one at that  in her recent interview with a Journalist Lukman Akintola of Nig.Films she Bares her Mind on Sex with Men in the Industry, and Female Sex Hustlers see the interview - -
Can you narrate one of such circumstances?

Many men have come to me with money and have said I like you and I want to sleep with you, and I have turned them down. I have evidences, I told the last person, who tried it with me that if he has succeeded with other actresses in the movie industry, he should not try it with me because, even if I am hungry, I know what to do to put food on my table. I won’t resort to prostitution or doing runs. I am not bragging but I have proved it severally.

But you agree that most actresses are hustlers?

I don’t agree. If I say girls in the industry are hustlers, are other ladies outside the industry not doing it, or how do you single out a lady who is not an actress? Because they want to be known through the make believe world, they start acting, while there are bad eggs coming into the movie industry. Someone, who has a name to protect, won’t think of hustling. Besides, I won’t want some men to watch me on television and start saying, oh! I slept with her last month and all it cost me was a N100, 000.
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Then why is it that female actresses are more successful than their male counterpart?
If you go to any part of the world, you will realise that women are more favoured than men. The truth is that a woman can leave her house without money and come back with cash and it doesn’t mean she has rubbished herself. The fact is that if you have the favour of God, things will work out well for you. The man, who wants to sleep with you but has not succeeded, will still continue to do things for you, despite the fact that you have refused to date him. The opportunity I just described is not often available to men.

How do your kids feel when they see their mum acting a sexy role or do you turn down such roles?
I have never turned down a role in my career because it is a make believe industry and to be professional, you cannot afford to be limited. But our culture restricts us a lot, and that is where I go with the instruction of my director. The fact, however, is that I have my way of interpreting my roles and my children have come to know that everything they watch is make believe.

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