Sunday, 2 June 2013

I Don't Owe the Public any Details of my life - - Tiwa Savage.

 In a Recent interview  Tiwa Savage Bore her mind when she asked why she kind of  deceived the Public about her relationship with Tee billz before the Engagement ,You would recall that she was kind of denying her Relationship with Tee billz see as  she bares  her Mind  see the Interview

How do you fell when you are with Teebillz?
I feel safe, the safeness with him is at another level.

You kind of deceived the public about your relationship with him before your engagement
Deceived? I don't think I owe the public any detail about my private life. I will have to choose when to let out something about my life or when not to let it out. I don't see a reason why I must disclose details of my private life.That shouldn't be anybody's business.

As your husband-to-be, is there any song about him on the album?
I can't really say if there is. But as a human being and as a songwriter, it is difficult to write a song without writing about your life and experience. He surely inspired me in writing some of the songs in the album.

Tiwa is Vexing O as in her statement i don't owe anybody any details of my life no be fight na LoL


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