Monday, 24 June 2013

Female fan walks out on Dbanj during #DKMConcert

Got this From Kemi Filani 100% see how she reports it

Dbanj was performing one of his new tracks, I can't really remember the song at the moment - I will update you guys as soon I remember - but it has lyrics like "bere mole, gbe soke" or something, he climbed down the stage and went round to say hi to his fans. Ladies were screaming like they had just seen a god, they were so excited as they happily danced with him. He kept going round and round till he stopped by in front a certain pretty lady dressed in a blue dress (photo above), in front close to the stage.

Apparently, the lady was not in the mood to dance but Dbanj did not leave her front!
Dbanj then tried pulling her up but she insisted that she wasn't dancing, she kept saying, no, no, no, no but Dbanj did not bulge.

Instead, he forced her up and began to drag her towards the stage. The lady's husband approached Dbanj to stop him.

 He told him "she is my wife, she can't dance up stage with you" and Dbanj was like "oh, I didn't know she was married, I'm so sorry" but the lady was already pissed off.

Her husband led her away from the vvip section to the regular visitors section but after some minutes, they both stood up and left the hall.

  Though Dbanj got another lady who was able to do all the bending, twisting, shaking and whinning up stage with him, he was kinda embarrassed with the No he got from the other lady - that didn't stop him from performing well though and besides not many people noticed except those in front and the many photographers

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