Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Ayone that Insults me Over My Big Shape, i will insult the person Back- - Eniola Badmus Gbogbo Big Galz.

Plus Size Actress Eniola Badmus is not finding it easy with Critics and does not seem to take it lightly See what she said in a recent interview  - -

People tend to underrate just to make you feel somehow or to intimidate you. That’s why I say, I don’t see intimidation. If anyone should come out and say ‘Eniola is big! She is that!’ For goodness sake, I like it like that. I’m okay.

Besides, my body shape is giving me money and I’m good. I’m living well. I’m healthy. I’m sure I’m healthier than some slim people. All of us can’t be slim. People should stop this body-shaming pinging. It’s not nice.”

 Even if you want to advise someone that it’s not nice, there is a way you can say it not by insulting people because you feel you can just write or talk anyhow on social media. No! Anybody that insults me on social media, I will insult back. Yes, because it doesn’t make one feel good.

 In foreign countries, intimidation causes some people to commit suicide. When you are being intimidated, that’s when depression comes up. After depression, you go and die. Me, die because of what? No oh! This life is too sweet to die, because of words of some people. I’m okay.

If anyone doesn’t like me, they should keep a distance. The people that like me will forever be around me. I remember that I wrote, why use panadol for my headache? Every blog carried it that I said I know my stature is a big problem to some. But it’s the truth.

Among all of you that are insulting me that Eniola is too big I’m sure your mum is bigger than me. So why not concentrate on the one you have? I know one of your friends is bigger than me, or one of your sisters.

Most of the fat babes, the plus size people who watch me want to emulate me because I’m a celebrity. Whatever she does let’s do it. You get it? I know I’m a role model to some people.”
To me one thing i know is that been a Popular person attracts different views and opinions from different people and does not necessarily mean they , the Critics hate you , You as a celebrity should learn how to deal with it, but Gbogbo Big girl dey vex o ! you have turned My eniola to Jackie Chan.

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