Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Anambra state witness Protest by Homosexuals.

Don't what to say but the Guys make me Sick, Anambra state witnessed a Mild Protest by a Group who identified themselves as homosexuals see how Vanguard is reporting it

AWKA — There was a mild drama, yesterday, at the Atani Chief Magistrate Court in Ogbaru Local Government Area of Anambra State as some people who claimed to be homosexuals nearly disrupted court proceedings in solidarity with two suspected gays standing trial for allegedly committing same sex offence. As early as 9 .00 a.m, a large number of men with feminist loo look started gathering at the court premises to the surprise of the people around and it was only then that it became obvious that they came to identify with two of their members who were arrested by the police and charged to court for same sex violation.

Members of the group, who chanted anti-police songs, said it was wrong for the police to interfere with their fundamental rights and freedom of association.

They demanded unconditional release of the two persons standing trial on a two-count charge of violating the law, insisting that they would continue to fight for their rights in Nigeria despite what they described as “the challenges the group was facing in the National Assembly.”

Despite their protests, however, the court remanded the two suspects in prison custody on the ground that it had no jurisdiction over the matter.

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