Friday, 31 May 2013

To the Guys ; Becca Vs Yvonne Nelson in Body Con Dress who would you hit.

Intentionally but fashionably, we see the modern woman showing more and more of her body contours by opting for one of the various body con dresses out there.Yvonne and Becca are both rocking Body Con dresses.

Back to the matter Guys if these two women were the last left in the world who would pick and you know quickly do and Clean mouth LOL Guys don't say both because i know Guys so would you Pick?

Who has a more Banging Body Yvonne or  Becca?


  1. emeka your use of english na wa, first who would we hit, or who has a more banging body yvonne nelson all the way

  2. Yvonne Nelson is more sexy,i go like do Yvonne.

  3. Becca Young Man can't you see her Curves, O Boy even Spartacus go rush Becca.