Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Omawunmi Reacts To Her Baby father News.

A story went viral on the internet Recently about who Omawunmi's baby daddy is. And the story wouldn't stop  and Omawunmi had to say something  Here is how the story was reported and also read Omawunmi's reaction ;

The Gist
  "Omawumi was handsomely settled to keep the name of her baby's father a top secret. The reason is that   the man is a sitting governor in one of the oil rich South South states and his wife is said to be very brutal; she "deals with ladies" who come close to her husband.

Omawumi's child has the looks of the said governor and this is why she hardly go out with the child. The governor has big eye balls, he is dark and not tall. The source said the First Lady, that is the governor's wife, is already aware that husband had fathered a child with Omawumi.

She's mad at the development and has sent strong warning to Omawumi to "completely stay away" from her husband otherwise she will be sorry. As a result, about two years since Omawumi gave birth she has not stepped her legs in the state as she's closely being watched".

Omawunmi 's Reaction

 Ahhh single and Yummy Green light district Lol.

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